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About IDVN

IDVN Lawyers (IDVN) is a boutique law firm established in 2003. We provide legal services in five main practice areas:

  • International Trade and Customs, such as Antidumping, Anti-Subsidies (Countervailing) and Safeguard measures, SPS, Custom Classification and related issues;
  • Commercial and Investment Dispute Settlements, such as domestic Arbitration and litigations, International Commercial Arbitration and Investors–States Dispute Settlement;
  • Investment and M&A, including crossed border investments, domestic investment and Public –Private Partnership (PPP) including BOT, BT and the like. Our industrial experiences includes seafood, steel and other type of manufacturing, mining, retails, real estate development, technology and internet-based services, advertising and content developments, and televisions and communications;
  • Competition, including cartel investigations, abuses of dominance, unfair competitive practices, and regulatory work;
  • General Corporate and Taxation, focusing on corporate governance, corporate restructuring, M&A, drafting contracts in the areas of trade in goods and in service, employment, real estate, tax planning and structuring as part of a project or transaction that IDVN advises, tax consulting and compliance in relation to personal income tax, corporate income tax, foreign contractor tax, value added taxes and import/export taxes.

In Viet Nam, we are the premier law firm in International Trade. Since 2004, we have been involved in landmark cases such as the shrimp antidumping case in the United States, first AD/CVD case against plastic bags in the United States, first CVD case against Polyester Fiber in Europe, first Anti-circumvention case against stainless steel from Turkey and first AD case against stainless steel in Viet Nam. We also assisted in the first two WTO cases brought by the Government of Viet Nam against the U.S. (DS 404 and DS 429). We represent the Government of Viet Nam, the Seafood Industry, the Steel Industry and a few others in trade remedies cases in Viet Nam, the United States, Europe, Australia and at the WTO. We have built up partnerships with world leading international trade law firm in this area such as Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Molse LLP (U.S.), and Van Bael & Bellis (Belgium). Our trade team includes lawyers who have been trained in Viet Nam and abroad and trade analysts with extensive experience in accounting and data analysis.

In the area of dispute resolutions, IDVN is among the very few local firms with experience in ISDS matters under Bilateral Trade Agreements and commercial arbitration cases.

Our lawyers assisted the first private television network in Viet Nam (now known as MobiTV) with the full licensing process for channel broadcasting and network development, channels subscription contracts with content provider such as FOX and HBO, satellite leasing, content development and purchase contracts etc. We have also worked extensively in the mining, real estate development, education, environment, and energy industries. IDVN has assisted manufacturing clients from other countries investing in Viet Nam. We have experience in Public - Private - Partnership such as projects in waste treatment in Ho Chi Minh City.