Monday, 30/10/2017 | 15:08 GMT+7

Rod in coils – Australia issue the statement of essential facts

On 27 October 2017, the Australian Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) issued its statement of essential facts of the anti-dumping investigation on rod in coils imported from Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea.

Accordingly, ADC proposes to terminate the investigation because the dumping margins of all Vietnamese exporters and Ispat established are less than 2% and for all remaining exporters, the dumped goods have not caused material injury to the Australian Industry.

As regards the allegation of particular market situation, ADC concludes that the particular market situation has not existed in Vietnam. As such, domestic sales of rod in coils in Vietnam are suitable to assess normal value that is used for determining dumping margins.

The dumping margins are determined as follows:

CountryExporter/ManufacturerDumping margin
VietnamHoa Phat Group0.7%
 All others 0.7%
 PT Gunung Raja Paksi10.6%
 All others16.0%
KoreaAll exporters20.9%

The final report will be issued no later than 14 December 2017.